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                    Michael Espinosa
                    Michael Espinosa '21 is majoring in international relations. He's the head of The Daily's social media team and also writes for the University beat. He's the biggest Taylor Swift fan at Stanford and the proudest New Yorker will ever meet. Contact him at mesp2021 'at' stanford.edu.

                    Senate discusses increasing term length

                    The bill would also structure the Senate such that only half the senators would be up for reelection each year, aiming to smooth the transitions between Senates by ensuring that that the Senate will always have members who have served for at least a year

                    To FLI or not to FLI?

                    Many people vividly remember where they were on Nov. 8, 2016. As seniors in a very liberal New York City high school, most of my friends had their eyes glued to the television or some livestream. Most probably remember the initial hope of seeing Hillary Clinton become president and remember that hope slowly being pulled away as the night dragged on.

                    Police blotter: Sept. 23 – Sept. 29

                    This report covers a selection of incidents from Sept. 23 to Sept. 29 as recorded in the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) bulletin. Tuesday, Sept. 24 Between 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 23 and 9:00 a.m. on Sept. 24, an individual burgled a residency in Kimball Hall. Between 12:01 and 4:00 a.m., a petty theft…

                    The Daily’s top 10 Super Bowl commercials

                    This year, the Super Bowl SUCKED. Not only did the Patriots win (and when the Patriots win, America loses), but a lot of the ads were incredibly mediocre. I grew up a football a fan, so the big game has always been meaningful to me in and of itself, but this year I felt particularly indifferent about the teams, so I decided to do what most non-football fans do when they feel pressured to watch the game: watch the game for the commercials.

                    Men’s basketball round table: Progressing in the Pac-12

                    Stanford men’s basketball grabbed their first Pac-12 victory of the year on Saturday, with a dominant performance against Arizona State. After the game, sophomore forward KZ Okpala said the following: “We’re ready now. We know what we can do, we know we can beat any team. We’re ready.” Prepared to go on a run, the Cardinal will visit Seattle on Thursday to take on Washington. The Daily’s Michael Espinosa, Stephen Ren, and Bobby Pragada share their thoughts on the statement win, the next man up for the Cardinal, and what needs to be done against the Huskies.
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